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Chocolate/vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and other things.

Today was my little cousin Sarah’s 12th birthday, and I was given the assignment (and honor, I suppose) of baking her birthday cake for the party. And I’ve never been asked to do anything like that. 

Doing things for other people always makes me super nervous. Especially since they didn’t specify any flavors or designs or anything. 

I wanted to bake a vanilla cake, but everyone besides myself loves chocolate. ..I’m not really that big a fan of most chocolate cakes. (Or any chocolate drinks). So I thought I’d do a mix of the two. Not like a marble cake, but a chocolate layer, and a vanilla layer. 

And this was the result:

I’ve never actually like, decorated a cake, and it was kind of overwhelming when it turned out the way I was hoping it would, even thought it’s not over-the-top or that difficult.

I used cream cheese frosting between the layers (because I had made it for cinnamon rolls the other day and there was a lot left over, and my mom insisted I use it, but then it turned out to be a good thing, because I needed the vanilla for decorating anyway), and vanilla frosting on top and all around and for the.. poofy things. And I really cannot express this well enough, but the vanilla frosting was the most amazing frosting I’ve ever had. 

I kid you not. It so goddamn light and fluffy, and tasted so painfully amazing. I kept eating bits while I was frosting the cake. And the second I finished the whipping, and lifted up the mixer I thought, dear God, what wonderous thing have I created. (Though of course I don’t take the credit for this, the source for the recipe is given below, and I would really like to thank the writer of that blog.)

I rushed to call my friend Nada that moment because I just needed to tell someone and I was home alone. But she didn’t answer the phone. Thankfully, my mom came in that moment and I ran to her, excited to show her the frosting, and dragged her (and my aunt, the cousin’s mom, who was with her right then) to the kitchen to see and taste it.

Chocolate icing was used for the squigglies and the lettering. The chocolate diamonds were made from melted dark chocolate that was frozen in a tray, and lined with melted white chocolate.

Though I didn’t anticipate that the diamonds would soften and be too weak and bend over, and I had to do damage control, for which I used wafers coated in chocolate frosting to support the chocolate diamonds.

But despite that, I’d still say it was pretty damn successful. I know there was a lot of tastes involved, and I was afraid it would mess it up, but it turned out amazing and so so delicious. I’m proud of myself, I should say D:

I got the recipes from the following wonderful sources:

Chocolate cake: and;

Vanilla cake + vanilla frosting (this was the most amazing of all, and I’m gonna try this again just as it is, and hopefully it will turn out even better):

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